Jessica Hawke is the author of the YA paranormal Phantom Touch. While she would love to say that she’s been writing for her entire life, that simply wasn’t the case. After a brilliant stint as a story-writer in third grade, she mostly kept to writing papers for school until she headed off to college. From eighteen onward, she spent too much time thinking about the book she might eventually write instead of just writing it. At twenty-six, she finally realized the book would not write itself and got down to the surprisingly difficult yet rewarding work of writing a novel.

While not chasing the elusive dream of fictional greatness, she spends her days teaching middle school, a vocation which is often far stranger than anything fiction writers create. She shares a too-small bed with a little black cat with a thing for shoes and curly hair. She can do anything with Cadbury Mini-Eggs and Diet Dr. Pepper for fuel.

Contact her through email with questions or comments.