Well, life has been quite…eventful since my last few posts. Some very good, some very bad, but all things that kept me away from the writing life unfortunately.

However, I’ve realized something quite exciting; my first book will be published in six months!

Phantom Touch

YAY! Everything is still “TBA” or “Coming Soon,” but it’s really really official now.

So it’s time to start thinking about how in the world to bribe, entice, coerce, strongarm, and otherwise persuade folks to read my book. More to come soon!

On another note, I’m considering a massive rewrite/reboot on my urban fantasy series. I spent just over a year querying it. Several partial requests, several full requests, but all ultimately ended in rejection. And that’s okay. It needs some work, and I’m not sure whether it needs a bit of renovation or a total rebuild. It’s stylistically sound, but I’ve consistently heard that the pacing is slow. I have some ideas that will definitely make it a tighter and quicker story, but I’m not one hundred percent sure yet. In either case, I’m temporarily taking down materials related to the Immortal Codex until I decide where it’s going.

In the meantime, I’m finishing up another YA novel tentatively entitled Lullaby. I’m excited to finish it so I can start revising with some of the ideas that cropped up as I worked through the first draft.

Anyway – more to come soon! 🙂

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