The non-writing life has been busy this week; lots of after-school obligations and a side gig playing in the orchestra for a community theater production meant virtually no downtime, so it was slow on the noveling front. I did manage to finish typing in my handwritten revisions for the One Pass Revision.

Having finished, I’m now reading through one more time, effectively making it a three pass revision. I’m not sure this is a failing of Holly’s method so much as it was that I was excited and moved quickly through the manuscript. She did say that if you felt that way, you weren’t hard enough on it before. I’m glad I did go back through, however, because I’ve found some very minor continuity errors IĀ stillĀ didn’t catch on the One Pass.

In any case, I’m now beginning the query process all over again. While I had previously queried THE IMMORTAL CODEX, and of course am still hopeful for some good news on that front, I’m going to set it aside while I try my luck with THE OPEN DOOR. It’s a little more accessible, and honestly, a better book in my opinion. And once I begin that…it’s on to a new project!

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