Y’all, it has been a minute since I posted! (And by a minute, I mean the slang version that means a whole lot longer than a minute!) Lots of interesting things have gone on since oh…wow, has it really been since November?!

One of the biggest pieces of news is that my rights have been reverted on Phantom Touch. Currently, the e-book is unavailable, but I’ll be re-releasing it soon for those who haven’t had a chance to read it, with a new cover and a few fixes.

But even more exciting…a sequel! Woohoo! It was a great honor (and let’s be real, an ego boost) to constantly hear readers saying, “I want another one!” So, dear friends, your demands are going to be met. I’ve written a sequel to Phantom Touch, which I’m hoping to release before the end of the year. It’s a shorter novel, but I think you’re going to love it!

So please keep checking back here for news and updates. I’ll also be announcing a giveaway shortly, so make sure you get in on that!

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