I’m looking to build my street team! Are you enthusiastic about books? Are you enthusiastic about MY books? 🙂 I’d love your help in helping share books with readers who will love them. I am looking for folks who are willing to:

*Share posts/links/reviews on social media for sales, releases, and giveaways

*Give input on titles, characters, and other fun stuff

*Engage with Facebook Fan Page posts by liking/commenting things that interest you

*Spread the love at conventions/conferences by taking swag or taking pictures with hashtags!

If you’re like “man, Jessica, I dunno, I like your books but that’s not for me…” It’s cool! If you’re out there encouraging and sending good vibes this way, it’s still awesome!

But if you’re like “YES THAT IS SO ME! I LIKE FREE STUFF! I LIKE SOCIAL MEDIA! I LIKE YOU!” Then please fill out the form below! (This is not an application to Harvard. I just need a single place to gather names! 🙂

Thanks in advance, and I’m looking forward to working with you guys!

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