Today I am not in Writer Mode. I am in Squealing Fan Mode, because Rob Thurman┬áreleased a new book in the Cal Leandros series today! SWEET! I had great intentions of doing Day Job-related things tonight but I’m pretty sure I’ll be curling up with my Kindle and devouring half the book tonight. If you haven’t checked the series out, you really should. If you like Supernatural, then you’ll freakin’ LOVE Cal and Niko.

In other news, I finally got my Twitter up and rolling. I’ve been using it to follow folks for a few months but haven’t done any Tweeting thus far. (Is Tweeting capitalized, or was that a fantasy author moment of Capitalizing Things Makes Them Seem Awesomer?) Now I’m up and Tweeting, so if you have a Twitter, feel free to follow me for great gems of wisdom @jjhawke. Or pictures of my cat. Because what the Internet needs is more cat pictures.

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