Phantom Rising .

After two years of being an amateur detective and therapist to the dead, Bridget Young knows her chance at an average life is nonexistent. Still, she’s determined to finish out her last year of public school before enrolling in a highly secretive school for sensitives.

But a dark force has an agenda all their own. 

You were the one that got away… but not for long.

Creepy notes. Veiled threats. Random attacks on her friends. Something truly evil is taunting Bridget, batting her around as it prepares for the kill… 

This time you won’t stop me. 

The malevolent spirit hunting her isn’t looking for closure. It wants revenge in the bloodiest fashion. There is nowhere to run. No place to hide. All Bridget can do is fight for her life. 

This high stakes finale to the Phantoms Series will leave readers gasping for breath! One-click today and plunge into this killer tale.