It's the luck of the draw sometimes...

I’m a computer junkie. The thought of writing longhand makes my spleen hurt, so it’s no surprise that I do all my writing on the computer. I also use a number of tools online help with my writing.

I use generators in several situations; sometimes, I’m in a manic frenzy of word-vomit and simply can’t stop to think of a name, so I’ll use a name generator to produce a character name on the fly. This is typically for minor characters, like those coworkers that pop up, or the random person on the phone. (I have to tell myself I’m not allowed to keep checking for a better name, though!) The name will usually change along the way, but sometimes they stick.

The other time I use the generators is when I’m doing world-building work and need help developing names. For example, many of the names of Annika’s atrion in THE IMMORTAL CODEX were adapted from some of the generators at Seventh Sanctum. Usually when I find a name I like, I’ll adapt several others to sound like it, such as Pradassa and Nadessa, which are both mentioned in the book. A single pass at the Angel/Demon name generator, built to imitate a mix of Greek and Hebrew, gives me this gem: Upiralon.

Some sites I love:

I also love Kessels Language Generator. While I have created a  lot of the words in the fictional language of THE IMMORTAL CODEX, Mitra, I get a lot of inspiration from this generator. I use the Spanish and Portuguese options to create words, sometimes going through pages and pages to get a word that I can develop. It helps create what I think is a fairly believable construction to the language!

While these tools can’t do the writing or creativity for you, they can be a helpful springboard to spark an idea or  just help you add those little details to an already rich idea.

Write on! 🙂

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