Thank you so much for checking out my teacher planners. I’m offering a lot of great options this year with tons of gorgeous covers, so I know you’ll find something you like. Please take a few minutes to read through this page and check out your options, look through the images, and figure out exactly what you want to make your planner work for you. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I know I’m hitting you with a ton of information here, so here’s a PDF with what you’ll need to choose for your planner!

Basic Pricing:

  • Monthly Planner – $20; includes all teacher pages + monthly spreads for August 2016-August 2017 with Columbia County calendar embedded (blank calendars used for other systems)
  • Weekly Planner – $30; includes all teacher pages + monthly spreads + weekly lesson plan spread for every week
    • Weekly spreads can be customized with your class periods/subjects

Included with Basic Planner:

  • All pages as listed above
  • Customization of inside “title page” with your name and school. I will put your “teacher name” (Mr. ____ or Ms. ____) and your school unless you specify otherwise.
  • Basic cover customization
    • You will designate a premade cover. (See gallery below) I will personalize as appropriate, including putting your name, initial, or monogram on the cover. I will also make font changes or small color changes if requested, such as “Please make the circle pink instead of teal.”
    • You may make minor changes to the template, such as replacing the word PLANNER with your last name, or changing out an initial for a monogram.
    • If your change sounds more like “Premade #22 but with the background from #47 and the fonts from #52,” then that will fall under full customization. I am more than happy to do it for you but that will require a small additional fee in consideration of the additional time and communication to make sure you’re happy with the design.
  • Basic customization of weekly pages if you choose weekly format
    • I have several default templates that I can use for your weeks. If you have a schedule that doesn’t fit those templates, we can work something out for a small additional fee in consideration of the extra time needed to design and format an appropriate template.
  • Clear protective front cover and black spiral binding

This year you have two options for the style of your planner. Both versions will include all of the “teacher” stuff; these are just cosmetic differences. The “Arrow” style is more angular, with some funky, blocky fonts. The “Curvy” style is well, more curvy, with rounder, more playful fonts.

Teacher Planner Contents

  • CCBOE Calendar inside front cover* (For CCBOE teachers, all others will be blank)
  • Year at a Glance
  • Special Dates for the Year
  • Duties List
  • Log-in Tracker
  • RTI Overview (Student Name, Dates and Notes for Meetings)
  • Student Checklist (Blank roster/chart for tracking forms or other student info)
  • August 2016 – August 2017 Monthly Calendars (+ To Do List, Notes)
  • (WEEKLY ONLY) August 2016 – August 2017 Weekly Lesson Plan Spreads (Lots of space to write lesson plans, reminders, meetings, etc; featuring a quote from Kid President on each week to inspire you!)
  • IEP Overview Charts (Track student, parent contact info, and brief notes on accommodations for students w/ special needs)
  • IEP Meeting Tracker (keep track of IEP expiration dates and meeting planning)
  • Parent Contact Logs (30 pg – multiple lines for each student to track multiple calls/emails)
  • Meeting Notes (30 pg – keep notes from conferences, faculty meetings, etc.)
  • Brainstorming (10 pg – multiple sections, graph paper, to jot down lesson ideas and reminders)
  • Notes (10 pg – misc notes)
  • Ideas for Next Year (4 pg – keep track of ideas for next year!)

Weekly Spread Options

If you select one of these templates, I can customize it with your periods or subjects for no additional cost. For instance, if you teach “Academic Overtime,” 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th period, I will customize the labels on your 5-period spread accordingly.

  • Single Block
  • Patriot/Core – small box up top, large box below; great for middle school teachers with achievement period
  • Five Period
  • Six Period
  • *Custom + $2.50* – if none of these formats works for you, we can design something that will for an additional fee in consideration of the extra time required.

At the left you will see a “catalog” of the templates and premades I have created for this year. There is another gallery with larger version so you can see the patterns better.

The basic planner pricing will include one of the premades with minor customizations, such as font changes or simple color changes. If you’re unsure of whether your changes would be basic or not, just ask. 🙂

FULL CUSTOMIZATION (+ $2.50 – includes any of my graphics or fonts)
If you’re planning to get a little more customized for an additional fee, that’s great! You’ll need to look at the templates or a premade to start from, and then tell me what you’d like.

You’re welcome to mix and match pre-mades, or you can look through my digital paper library and come up with your own combination. Please just help me out by being as specific as you can. I want to make sure you’re happy, so…

  • Not Helpful: “Like #25 but green”
  • Helpful: “Like Premade #25, but change the bottom to solid green instead of stripes”
  • Helpful: “Template #1 with the teal owl print from the Owls paper set”

That said, if you’re not picky and you just have general ideas, that’s okay too. For instance, if you really don’t care about the color and you just want “something with owls” or a “Wonder Woman” theme, I can make that happen, but you’ll need to let me know a general idea to start with.

If I don’t already have graphics that fit what you’re looking for, you might check Etsy, where you can find coordinated sets of designs for less than $5 in most instances. Try searching “digital paper” plus additional keywords with what you’d like, such as chevron or Disney.

If you find something you like on Etsy, you will either need to purchase the files and send me the ones you want me to use, or add the cost of the files to your order and I will buy them. If you would like me to buy them, please let me know and send me the URL. I will add the cost to your order and let you know the total!

Here is my Digital Paper Catalog.


  • Disc-bound Planner – +$3.00
    • Instead of spiral binding, your pages will be punched with an ARC puncher and disc-bound. This allows you to pull pages out and write on them, as well as insert documents you receive over the course of the school year. (To punch your own pages, you will need an ARC punch, like this budget-friendly one.)
    • With the disc-bound option, you can purchase accessories, inserts, and even leatherette covers at stores like Staples and Office Max. (Including a fabulous line by Martha Stewart at Staples!)
  • Additional Documents ( +$2.50 up to 10 extra pages/ +$5.00 for 10-25 extra pages/+variable if you need more than 25)
    • I will be happy to include extra documents, such as the current standards or curriculum map for your subject area(s) but this adds additional pages to your document, as well as requiring additional time to import.
    • To include these documents, please either…
      • Email me a document containing what you want inserted (PDF or DOC/DOCX files)
      • Email me a working link to the documents on school, county or state websites
    • These documents will be inserted in the very back of your planner unless you specify otherwise.
  • Printed Index Tabs – $4.00 extra
    • You will receive a set of adhesive index tabs. They are multicolored, but not they are not customizable with designs or colors at this time.
    • You will receive the tabs printed on their carrier sheet, not already arranged in the planner.
Thanks for reading all the way through. If you have any questions at all about anything here, please feel free to contact me through e-mail. However, orders should be submitted through the Google Form HERE. Here are a few last administrative things:


  • REFUNDS/RETURNS: Planners are non-returnable and non-refundable once the order is placed. Placing your order is a commitment to buy.
  • PAYMENT: Planners will only be delivered when payment is received. You may pay ahead of time with Paypal, or pay in person with cash or check. My preference is cash or a check made out to Jessica Wilkerson.
  • PICKUP/DELIVERY: My goal is to have planners ready to deliver the week before Columbia County pre-planning. I will provide several sessions during that week where you can meet me somewhere such as Starbucks to pay for and pick up your planner. I will do deliveries to some schools because so many orders are there. Based on the interest survey, I will deliver in person to Grovetown Middle School and Martinez Elementary School.Unfortunately, I cannot offer delivery to your house or to every school. If there is no chance of you picking it up from one of these sessions, I can ship it to you via USPS for an additional $5.
  • EMAIL CONFIRMATION: Please provide an email that you will check frequently over the summer. I will be in touch to confirm several things, including customizations and a verification of the price based on what you have requested. I want to make sure you’re happy, so I will email you with screenshots and proofs to make sure the changes are correct. Please note: I will not submit your planner to be printed without your confirmation that your cover and any customizations are to your liking.