sleepycatI must apologize for the delay! I had big plans to have a post go up every day in October. Then, my immune system took a cue from Congress and enacted a shutdown on Wednesday.

Strangely, this works as a teachable moment for writers, myself included. As I lay on the couch watching movies while slightly cross-eyed from a Nyquil hangover, I thought, “well, I’ve missed two days now, I might as well quit. No one is reading it anyway. Who am I to give writing advice?”

And that is exactly what your inner critic does. One of the greatest obstacles in achieving any dream you have is getting past the voice that says you can’t do it. It will tell you that you might as well watch some more Netflix and forget about the writing you’re doing.

In any case, I’ll simply pick up where I left off. (And then I’ll watch some more Netflix.)


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