Some cool writing stuff from around the web…starting off small but I’d love to make it a regular thing! 🙂

Top Ten Pacing Tips @ Romance University – great advice on controlling the pace of your story. One of the best notes: The end of the scene is crucial for pacing. Don’t end a scene on a resolution (except maybe the last two scenes in the book), but on some question or issue that won’t resolve until at least the next scene. If the scene ending is too “complete,” add some tiny question or doubt at the end.

Lead your readers’ imagination @ Carolyn Arnold. Mixed writing tips – some great reminders about engaging the other sentences.

Roni Loren on not writing to trends. “The ones that get to ride that wave of a trend are usually people who were already writing that kind of book before the trend became a trend. Their books were already lying in wait, complete and ready to go once a publisher took interest.” 

Natalie Whipple and the 10 Things she wishes she had done differently on her way to being published. Learning about major deals and tours and cover reveals and all that only made me antsy and frustrated. I could have used my time obsessing over those things to write a stellar book. Or five. And I would have had more confidence to do it, too. (Oh this this this. I’m so stoked for the Hunger Games to come out but the writer side of me is going “I WILL NEVER CREATE ANYTHING LIKE THIS SO I GUESS I WILL JUST GO EAT ALL THE CHOCOLATE.”)

And of course if you haven’t seen it…

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