Welcome to the humble beginnings of my site. I hope that as I work toward publication, this will eventually become a repository of information and extra fun stuff about my book. For now, I’ll kick it off with something that inspires me.

I’ve been a musician since I was a kid; first tinkling along on an electric keyboard by ear, and eventually studying music more formally throughout my school years. Music has always evoked strong imagery for me; I associate songs with sequences of action or particular emotions.

Now that I write regularly, music is a huge part of the process. I have a hard time writing if I don’t have any music. Sometimes I find that I have  to keep it low or listen to a single song repeatedly, otherwise my attention is constantly drawn to the new song or the lyrics I hadn’t noticed before. Each book that I’ve worked on (three as of this posting!) has its own soundtrack. For The Immortal Codex and its sequel, I created two separate playlists for each. One ‘soundtrack’ and one score, each with an eclectic mix of music.

Here is one song that I listened to constantly while writing and editing The Immortal Codex. It’s Annika and Wendy’s unofficial theme song, although it’s sort of become mine as well as I’ve begun searching for publication. I hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

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