toolboxBack in February, I taught a free workshop on Storyboarding. I could talk about story structure for hours and hours, but I had to show some mercy on the great crowd that showed up.

With many beginning writers in the audience, we spent a good amount of time talking about the most basic building blocks of story. Because I’m a teacher by trade, I can’t help but make organizers, handouts, and other concrete tools to help teach a concept.

By far, people were the most excited about the character section of the workshop. We talked about the big questions you need to answer about your characters and how to use the answers to shape a compelling story. For this, I developed the Getting to Know a Character worksheet, which was a blend of my own questions and ideas from I gave out envelopes with children’s book characters and settings, and each attendee came up with a character using the worksheet.

We also discussed different ideas about story structure. In a two hour workshop, it’s hard to discuss something as massive as story structure. After all, look at the hundreds of thick books on the subject! So I FLEW through the big milestones, then gave them another worksheet – Story Milestones – to start plotting a story. I think it was a little much to get through in the workshop, but most people seemed to like the general idea of structure.

In any case, please feel free to use these, and feel free to share as long as you leave the link at the bottom. Thanks and enjoy! 🙂

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